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One family helping others

About us

Established in 2021, Paul Barber Foundation (PBF) is a family-run organization based in the Greater Toronto Area that is dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians by supporting transformational life-changing programmes. 



A Man Watering Plants


We provide programme specific grants to charities related to furthering the life skills of women, youth and those pursuing careers in the arts.  

Holding Hands


We provide charitable donations to organizations that require short-term support to improve operations and/or services.  



We partner with other private foundations to amplify the grants or donations being offered.

Business Consultation

Impact Investing

We place our charitable assets with fund managers that have a proven track record of making socially responsible investments. 


Our Mission:

We believe every great society is centred on the enablement of each person to reach their potential.


Women Enablement

Leaders, thinkers, care-givers, mothers; women are the carriers of society.  Through the funding of support and enablement programmes for women, we can elevate society as a whole. 


Youth Assistance

The youth are our future.  By supporting a range of services, including mental health to computer-based education and skills training, we’re helping shape the next generation of Canadians.


Support for the Arts

Supporting a wide range of arts programmes allows our diverse cultural mosaic to flourish regardless of socio-economic background.

Our grant and donation initiatives are divided into the three main pillars:
Let's Connect

We’re always looking for new charities and foundations to connect with. 

If you feel your organization aligns with Paul Barber Foundation, let’s connect!

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